User manual
Zediersheng's user manual
1.1 Account registration
Open the website:, click the "register" button in the upper right corner of the homepage to enter the registration page. Press the prompt to enter the relevant registration information after the completion of registration. When registering, please be sure to enter the correct mobile phone number for receiving SMS verification code to complete the registration and password security management.
1.2 account login
After the registration, the first time to use the mobile phone verification code to log in, as shown in figure 2:
1.3 Set password
If the initial login is successful, the password should be set, as shown in the figure:
After the password is set successfully, you can directly log in with your mobile number and password for easy operation.
2.1 Modify basic data
After successful login, enter the modify data page to modify the data. We will guarantee the security of each account. To ensure the authenticity, we suggest the user real name system. Fill in according to your actual situation and click Save to finish the modification.
2.2 Modification of avatar
Click modify avatar → select file (select your prepared avatar) → drag the marquee to modify the size → click finish uploading
2.3 Password change
If you are not satisfied with the initial password, you can change it again. Please keep it properly after completion. Modify data - change password.
2.4 Account binding
After the account is bound, you can log in directly for easy operation. Click the wechat button on the login page, jump to the binding wechat page and agree to the operation.
3.1 Articles/favorites/messages/comments
Personal center page: articles/favorites/messages/comments, articles written by users, favorites, received messages, comments can be managed, add, delete and change.

3.2 followers/fans
Personal center page, can be at any time to view the people I follow and my fans content, can be concerned about it and access, easy to browse
3.3 wallet
I can check my credit balance (credit is a virtual currency for users to use at the life table of the choice of places, and credit can be used to appreciate, buy and consume content products on the life table of the choice of places. Other than that, it must not be used for other purposes.
3.3.1 integration details
For the VIP users who choose the place, we specially set up the bonus points. As long as we publish the original articles, we will get the corresponding bonus points, which can be exchanged for small gifts (to be developed). In addition, the users who pay for them can apply for VIP payment invoice on this page.
Click apply for invoice → complete data → click I want to apply
4. Write articles
After you become a member, you can post your own startup stories in your chosen place, and the editor has an auto-save feature for your customers to use.

5. Become a VIP
Click to modify the information page → choose a place to live VIP click to buy → make payment, as shown in the figure:

VIP benefits are available at the
6. Comment
Comment at the bottom of the article details page
Step: open an article, slide to the bottom of the article, as shown in the picture: (write down what you think and click publish)
7. Complaint articles
At the bottom of the article, there is an article complaint function. Please fill in your complaint and our staff will deal with it as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.